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3 on 3 Spring League



3 on 3 lacrosse is a lifetime sport sharing many characteristics with field lacrosse, box lacrosse and basketball. It is played 3v3 on a 40 x 20 yard court on turf, grass pr sand. There is no equipment needed other than a standard lacrosse stick and mouthguard. The emphasis is on finesse over physicality. It is a great sport for all ages and frequently most fun when played with friends. 

Why Play 3 0n 3 lacrosse?

  • Roster Size of 6 players so everyone plays

  • 3 on 3 format to develop hand/eye, passing and agility skills

  • Registration fee includes a jersey

  • Emphasis on teamwork, ball movement with and without the ball and field spacing

  • Improve skills with footwork, passing, catching and playing together as a team

  • Anyone can play lacrosse

  • Exercising the fundamentals of lacrosse is the key to improvement 

  • Being in a game means rapid touches, decisions and development

  • The Lacrosse experience will be fast, fun and consistent

  • Learning lacrosse can be fun and competitive without excessive contact

3 on 3 lacrosse format?

  • Roster size of 6 players

  • 3 on 3 format

  • Games will be (2) 10- minute running halves

  • Goalie/player initiates play after goals are scored

  • No back up on shots

  • Everyone plays both sides of the court (offense/defense)

  • Substitutions are made on the fly

  • If you score you substitute out for a new player

  • First possession is determined by rock, paper, scissors

  • If a game ends in a tie, all players will be allowed 1 penalty shot

  • 4 teams each division (based on registrations)

Boys divisions

  • ​1st/2nd

  • 3rd/4th

  • 5th/6th


  • 4/1

  • 4/15

  • 4/23

  • 4/29

  • 5/6

  • 5/13



St. Mary's High School

142 Laverack Ave

Lancaster, NY 14086

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